Fieldwork Recordings of Traditional Belief Narratives and Beliefs from Dubočica (Maglič, Kraljevo Municipality)

Folkloristics 8/1-2 (2023):
Author: Dunja Cerovina

The contribution features the transcript of the fieldwork conversation with Milić Mijailović Mića from Dubočica near Maglič (b. 1954) which Dunja Cerovina recorded on August 25, 2014. Mijailović related a few belief narratives and beliefs, among which are the ones about the fairy circle and fairies at the spring, about the supernatural force which disrupts the building of bridges, about the dangers which loom in the night, about a yew tree in an ox horn as protection against demons, about the demonic wedding in Risovac, about the witch doctor and Satan, about encountering drekavac and the building of Jerina’s town, as well as personal experience narratives.

Keywords: mythological and demonological belief narratives, cultural and historical belief narratives, personal experience narratives, Dubočica (Maglič, Raška county), folklore fieldwork, beliefs.