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Oral Tradition and Oral History from Užice Surroundings (West Serbia)

Folkloristika 6/1 (2021): 143‒160
Author: Biljana Jovanović
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The paper displays transcripts of the field-interviews with four interlocutors from Užice and its surroundings, recorded on January 1st and February 9th 2008 by Biljana Jovanović. Radoslav Poznanović (1924, Gostinica – 2014, Užice) communicated a handful of proverbs, adages, cultural-historical and toponymic legends, including those about Kostreš Harambaša, Jelova Gora, Jovanova voda and Sirogojno. Stojan Janković Cole (1942, Ribaševina) reported mythological and daemonogical legends on apparitions, imps, vampires and Sava Savanović. Milijan Petrović (1926, Arilje) retold prosaic paraphrase of folk epics Marko Kraljević i vila (Marko the Prince and the Fairy) and Marko Kraljević and Musa Kesedžija (Marko the Prince and Musa the Highwayman) as well as tales on various visitants (vampire, vampire-witch, dog, man in white). Milena Jovanović (1936, Kriva Reka) narrated recollections of tragic family story concerning haiduk life, as well as the legend of Prokleta Jerina containing the genetic story of the name of river Djetinja.
Keywords: Užice region, mythological legends, daemonogical legends, cultural-historical legends, toponymic legends, proverbs, adages, prosaic paraphrase of folk epic, Marko Kraljević, oral history