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Loyalty and Infidelity in Serbian Folk Songs – Field Collection from the Villages around the Beli Timok River (Southeast Serbia)

Folkloristika 6/1 (2021): 9–30
Author: Zoja Karanović
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The paper focuses on lyric folk songs that have been recorded among village people in southeastern Serbia (around the river Beli Timok) in 1997‒1998 by Zoja Karanović and Vesna Djukić. The theme of these songs is fidelity and infidelity of lovers, where the offense results in punishment. It turned out that the plot models of these songs are built according to established rules, similarly to the functions and their order in fairy tales. These folk songs to some extent correspond also to the ideas of Maximilian Brаun, who states that theme (in heroic poetry) implies basic general idea of content, free of any specific details. But at the same time, Braun considers that each theme corresponds to the established scheme of action, and analysis of our songs confirms it, regardless of the fact that they do not belong to the heroic tradition.
Keywords: Serbian folk lyric, villages around Beli Timok, fidelity and infidelity, wrongdoing, punishment, moral code