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Winter Carnival in Vevchani (Republic of North Macedonia) as the Model of Traditional Holiday and Modern Cultural Practice

Folkloristika 5/2 (2020): 15–38
Author: Oksana Mykytenko
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The paper is based on field research observations in Republic of North Macedonia, where in 2019 I witnessed the folklore carnival “Vasilitsa”, annually held on the 13‒14th of January in the village of Vevchani near Ohrid. Tradition of the winter masking carnival exists on the whole ethnic territory of Macedonia with different names of its participants. The traditional drama play (P. Bogatyrev, M. Kitevski) imitates the wedding ritual and is called to actualize the semantics of fertility. Today we observe the simultaneous coexistence both traditional and modern elements that promote carnival in Vevchani, maintaining its status as the sign of the local and national identity. Analyzing in the context of globalization process with its dominants of multicultural trends and idea of consumption, the carnival in Vevchani depicts the synergy of the traditional and modern holiday culture.
Keywords: Republic of North Macedonia, Vevchani, carnival “Vasilitsa”, folklore tradition, modern culture