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Intermedial Transference of the Monomyth in Selected Video Games of the RPG Genre

Folkloristika 5/2 (2020): 131–149
Author: Кristina Dimovska
Text: PDF


The paper explores the selected video games (Dark StoneBreathe of Fire III‒IV, Valkyrie Profile, Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaŌkamiPersona 2, Rogue GalaxyWarcraft III, Shadow of the ColossusBaldur’s Gate) through the stages of the monomyth ‒ a concept suggested by the American author Joseph Campbell.

The selected video games can be analyzed through the stages of the monomyth (neglecting the fact that Campbell himself never personally intended his concept to be used for the analysis of video games per se), but the paper made an effort to actually decipher the selected games in order to show the potential of the monomyth as a distinctive hermeneutic tool applicable for reading and interpretation of RPG “texts” (the plot/storyline, gameplay) which, obviously, aren’t inherently literary.

In the conclusion the limited potential of the monomyth is presented, since this concept does not and cannot encompass all of the stages of the plot/storyline pertaining to the analyzed video games, which makes its utilization not only problematic but also limiting in terms of better understanding of the aforementioned and analyzed RPGs.
Keywords: Joseph Campbell, monomyth, protagonist/hero, video games, RPG (Role Play Game), intermedial transferrence, interpretive strategy