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Oral Narratives from Požarevac Surroundings (Eastern Serbia)

Folkloristika 5/2 (2020): 171–189
Author: Tamara Nedeljković
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The paper presents the transcript of a field interview, held in 2007, with a female narrator (b. 1946) from a village in Malo Crniće Municipality of Braničevo District, Eastern Serbia, and recorded by Tamara Nedeljković, student at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. The narrator retold several belief legends and stories about vampires, apparitions (poltergeists), death prophecies occurring in a dream, tales of Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, and the story about a poor man who stole hemp fabric. She gave an account of wedding and funeral customs, charms and charming, as well as oral history – she shared her family’s and her own recollection of poverty and daily life during the World War II and the following years.
Keywords: folklore field research, the Malo Crniće Municipality, Eastern Serbia, belief legends, folk tales, traditional wedding customs, traditional funeral customs, charming, oral history