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Krakar Night 1993‒1997

Folkloristika 5/1 (2020): 205–215
Author: Branko Ćupurdija
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Krakar night takes place in Bajmok, in Bačka, with a part of Serbian population who were colonised from Drežnica in Gorski Kotar after World War II. It was established at the beginning of the 1970s and it has been taking place ever since. In the previous period it went through different phases of development, which was recorded in the chronicles over several years. This time the subject of the paper are Krakar nights held in the middle of the 1990s. The chronicle has shown that Krakar nights testify to a series of social contents: individuals, married cuples, families, relatives, surnames, family nicknames, the composition of organisational boards, the elders of the nights, private and state firms, the inflation, refugees, business connections, solidarity, etc. The chronicle also testifies to the fact that prelo (vigil, an evening gathering) has been supporting the tradition on a cultural level: when comes to the first prize on the tombola (a cubic metre of wood), a segment of folklore (ojkan ‒ a traditional song from Krajina) and the menu, which is similar to family feasts, especially Slava (celebration of family saint patron’s day) and Christmas menu. In the chronicles of future Krakar nights it is necessary to further expand thematic frames by recording data on social structure of guests and the social profile of the main organizers and by „downloading“ the dancing and musical repertoire. With this, the initial model of the chronicle offered here would get a more complete form.
Key words: Krakar night, custom, prelo, chronicle, Bajmok, social content, cultural content, the 1990s.