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On the Biography and Memoires of Gojko Trbović-Ćošan

Folkloristika 4/2 (2019): 131‒139
Аuthor: Branko Ćupurdija
Теxt: PDF


The text is about Gojko Trbović-Ćošan (1917), born in Drežnica, who was a partisan commander that a folk song sings about, a major in the Yugoslav Army, a military cadet at the Tank Academy in Moscow, a lieutenant colonel of the Yugoslav Army who accepted the Resolution of Cominform (the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties) in 1948 and fled from Yugoslavia to Hungary in early March 1949 with three other fellow officers, where he spent the rest of his life until his death in 2007. In Hungary, around 1960, he wrote his memoires and partly revised them in 1982 or later which, given the fact that they were never published, remained unknown to the general public. The subject of the paper is a letter which was written in Dunabogdany, Hungary in 2000 by Gojko Trbović-Čošan and was addressed to the author of this text. In the first part of the letter the sender writes a brief autobiography in the third person, and in the second he addresses the receiver concerning the memoires manuscript. Finally, he presents the actual facts from the biography of Gojko Trbović-Čošan and gives details about how the memoires were created. The contents of the memoires are briefly presented as well as their significance and then, if they are ever to be published, he indicates the need of a critical view by a historian, an ethnologist, a folklorist and a historian of literature.
Keywords: letter, biography, memoires, Gojko Trbović-Ćošan, the Resolution of Cominform, Yugoslavia, Hungary