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Experts as Mediators Between the State and Bearers of the Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Nomination File “Kolo, Traditional Folk Dance”

Folkloristika 4/2 (2019): 25‒43
Authors: Selena Rakočević and Zdravko Ranisavljević
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The implementation of the UNESCO's “Convention on the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage” has been in use for ten years (since 2006). Since the preparation of nomination files and application forms organized by the State parties directly depends on concrete, very diverse cultural, social and, at the first place, political circumstances, it is clear that the experts, who are primarily engaged in this work, face different challenges. This paper presents the nomination file “Kolo, traditional folk dance” from the perspective of experts as active participants who are responsible for the content of the nomination file and, as such, recognized in the application process as the official representatives of the so-called competent bodies. The authors of the article, who participated in preparation of this file, discuss the terminological polyvalences of the metalanguage of the Convention, the phenomenological aspects of identifying and defining dance/dance genre as an ’element’ of the intangible cultural heritage, as well as the immediate problems in engaging the bearers in the vernacular dance practice to take part in nomination processes.
Keywords: experts, ethnomusicologists/ethnochoreologists, intangible cultural heritage, dance, kolo, Serbia