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Notes from a Trip to Haryana

Folkloristika 4/1 (2019): 289‒309
Аuthors: Zoja Karanović i Juhi Kumari
Теxt: PDF


At the beginning of February 2018, the authors visited villages Basunda, Khurampur and Bhokarka in Haryana, state in northern part of India (capital Chandigar). Population of Haryana, around 25 million people, are mostly Hindus, and there are some Muslims and Sikhs as well. It is traditionally an agrarian society with well-organized system of irrigation, so the basic theme of our interviews was farming. Another topic was pottery, since people in Haryana are famous for this craft. They make different pottery items, utensils, toys, decorative pieces, in a very old and traditional way. The third topic were the rituals and customs related to pregnancy, child birth, and protection for an evil eye, and rituals related to death.
Keywords: Haryana (India), field research, farming, pottery, customs related to pregnancy and child birth, rituals related to death