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Border Region Researcher: “Do not Discuss Politics”

Folkloristika 4/1 (2019): 129‒150
Аuthor: Biljana Sikimić
Теxt: PDF


The paper presents the results of linguistic field research (2005) of the sacred space of Prohor Pčinjski monastery at the border of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia. The new state border (1991) and the subsequent return of property to the Serbian Orthodox Church complicated the possibility of celebrating the Macedonian national holiday Saint Elias (Ilinden) in the monastery area (now in Serbia) that used to comprise Anti-fascist assembly for the national liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) Memorial center in the period of socialist Yugoslavia. In 2004 a new Memorial center opens in Macedonia in the village of Pelince. The paper consists of two parts: from the angle of political folklore it deals with one political incident of the disputed Macedonian Memorial center (1990, prior to the state borders setting), as reflected in one right-wing journal of the time, and from the anthropological angle the same incident is perceived by the local research participants from the Serbian border village of Starac.
Keywords: fieldwork, Prohor Pčinjski, hate speech, political folklore, sacred topography, ASNOM, fieldwork ethics