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The Correspondence Between Tihomir R. Djordjević and Jovan N. Tomić

Folkloristika 3/2 (2018): 81‒89
Author: Svetlana Mirčov
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This paper provides insight into the unpublished correspondence between Tihomir R. Djordjević and Jovan N. Tomić. All the letters that have been saved are valuable testimony of life and work of these two famous contributors to Serbian culture and science, and also they give evidence of their cordial and sincere friendship. In their letters, Djordjević and Tomić show encouragement and kind care for each other in various life situations, they offer mutual support, especially with regard to their scientific work. In cordial and sincere communication they also exchange jokes and funny remarks. This correspondence is abundant in authentic data, so it can be very useful to all investigators of their biographies and works, especially Djordjević’s extraordinary contribution to the field of ethnology and Tomić’s contribution to the fields of istoriography and library science.
Keywords: Tihomir R. Djordjević, Jovan N. Tomić, correspondence, archival material