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Folktales in the Manuscript Collection of Tihomir Đorđević in the Ethnographic Collection of the SASA Archives

Folkloristika 3/2 (2018): 107‒123
Author: Marina Mladenović Mitrović
Text: PDF


Under the number 90 in the Ethnographic Collection of the SASA Archives there is a manuscript Narodne umotvorine u pirotskom okrugu (Oral Literature in the Pirot District), which was collected by Tihomir Đorđević. In addition to the folktales, which are the subject of this paper, the collection also contains epic and lyrical songs and riddles. In this article four folktales from Đorđević’s collection will be analyzed and at the same time placed in the context of his folkloristic work, especially engaging in field research and editing the collection of Ciganske narodne pripovetke (Gypsy Folktales). The standpoint of collector towards the material is examined and indirect data on the means of recording oral texts are briefly analyzed through their phonological, morphological, lexical, syntactic and stylistic characteristics. At the end of the paper we bring four folktales from the Ethnographic Collection, which are preceded by the remarks on Veselin Čajkanović’s interventions on the text, which was partially edited by him, but never published in collection Srpske narodne pripovetke (Serbian Folktales) (1927).
Key words: Tihomir Đorđević, folktales, Ethnographic collection, SASA Archives, manuscripts