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The Contribution to Serbian Historical Phytonymy Research: Vuk Stefanović Karadžić’s “Srpski rječnik” (“The Serbian Dictionary”) (1818)

Folkloristika 3/2 (2018): 55‒64
Author: Maja Kalezić
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Although the botanical material that entered the first edition of Vuk Karadžić’s Srpski rječnik (The Serbian Dictionary) 1818 is more than twice smaller than the one we can find in its second edition 1852 (which includes about 1190 names), Karadžić’s cooperation with the botanical specialist Andrija Volni during its creation made it just that this dictionary even by today’s standards give us a specific lexicographic shape which is absolutely exploitable in a variety of research purposes. This paper gives a contribution to Serbian historical phytonymy research through a kind of linguistical-onomastical analysis of the word trolijeska [hazel, Corylus avellana], whose first mention appeared precisely in the first edition of the Vuk’s Dictionary, explicitly indicating by this way what is, and in which extent we can discuss the significance of botanical material in this dictionary. Subsequently, the results of the paper also established Karadžić’s The Serbian Dictionary 1818 once again as an indispensable link in the constitution of historical-phytonymical component of the terminological corpus of Serbian language.
Keywords: Srpski rječnik 1818 (The Serbian Dictionary) by Vuk St. Karadžić, lexicography, phytonomastics, etymology, lijeska (hazel, Corylus avellana)