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Various Folklore Material from Bavanište (Serbia)

Folkloristika 3/2 (2018): 157‒164
Author: Ana Vranić
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Ana Vranić collected various folklore material from Bavanište (South Banat, Serbia) in February 24th 2008. Three interlocutors were interviewed and different folklore themes were discussed. Milka Radić (1927) narrated about charming and fairies (vila, a female spirit), Djurdjevka Stanimirov (1925) told about rituals performed on St. Lazarus Day and dodola’s performance; about love charms; traditional practices concerning building a house or moving into a new home, and an unusual dog tamer. Nevena Vranić (1937) gave an account of little people – devils, charming practices, as well as traditional carnival customs performed on Bela Nedelja (Shrovetide).
Keywods: folklore fieldwork, Bavanište (Serbia), folk legends, folk beliefs, charming, folk traditions, folk games