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Narratives from Gornja Kamenica (Knjaževac, Serbia)

Folkloristika 3/2 (2018): 137‒156
Author: Milica Cvetković
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The author presents field material gathered from four respondents, natives of Gornja Kamenica near Knjaževac, South-Eastern Serbia, on 30th and 31st March 2017. Respondents: Bosiljka Gavrić (1932) and her daughter Borica Randjelović (1951), Radunika Nikolić (1935), Božidar Toma Živanović (1940) and Mladen Pavlović (1943) from Gornja Kamenica told about the history of the village in the period of German and Bulgarian occupation in the World War II, and about their own recollections concerning their schooling, work and daily life, traditional way of living, employment, marriage and starting the family.
Keywords: Gornja Kamenica (Knjaževac, Serbia), field research, oral history, life stories