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Variants of Narratives on Water Bulls in Southwestern Serbia and Culturally Related Areas

Folkloristika 3/1 (2018): 69‒82
Author: Nina Aksić
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The paper is based on presenting and analyzing new folkloric material about water bulls and cows: two legends (one etiological and other pseudoetiological) and a short-story inspired by the first one. By presenting this material, we tried to give our contribution to the research of narratives about water bulls on the territory of southwestern and southern Serbia and a part of Montenegro, where scarce folkloric material of that kind has been found. The presented material is observed in the context of folkloric materials previously published and collected in the mentioned region and in other parts of Serbia. At the end of the paper, a map of the area in which the discussed materials have been recorded is offered, which can be useful for future research of the topic.
Key words: water bull, water cow, southwestern Serbia, etiological legend