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Fieldwork Research of Zaplanje

Folkloristika 3/1 (2018): 173‒183
Author: Danijela Popović Nikolić
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This paper presents a project “Contemporary Fieldwork Research of Oral Tradition of Zaplanje”, which took place in 2016, as a collaboration between researchers from the University of Niš and Novi Sad, Institute of Balkan Studies, Institute for Literature and Arts (Serbia), and the University of Reading (UK). The project was primarily aimed at collecting all genres of oral literature (poetry, prose, short speech forms) and data about other elements of intangible cultural heritage of Zaplanje (southeastern Serbia). The collection includes interviews (audio and video records), photographs, manuscripts and printed materials. The archive is partially available online (http://projekti.filfak.ni.ac.rs/stiutz/). It is linked to the existing electronic databases oriented on the preservation of intangible cultural heritage, which are available for researchers in different areas, such as ethnolinguistics, dialectology, ethnology, anthropology, sociology.
Keywords: fieldwork, folklore, oral literature, intangible heritage, tradition, Zaplanje