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“Do Not Wonder at the Drunk and Ugly, and Do Not Steal“: Beliefs Related to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Healthcare of Children

Folkloristika 3/1 (2018): 165‒171
Author: Zoja Karanović
Тext: PDF


During the field research in the Šajkaška region (Northern Serbia) in 1997, 1988 and 1998, Zoja Karanović and Vesna Katić recorded beliefs, customs and folk songs. For this contribution, the author has selected beliefs related to pregnancy, childbirth, narratives of customs and traditional healing rituals related to childcare. Material have been recorded from Leona from Đurđevo, Jovanka and Ljubinka Stepanov from Gospođinci, Jovanka Krnjetin, Mile and Spasa Purać from Nadalj and Miroslava Mijokov.
Keywords: folk beliefs, pregnancy, childbirth, protection, field research, Šajkaška