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Poets on Sacrificial Rite: Vasko Popa’s „Nepočin-polje“ („No-rest Field“) from the Perspective of Miodrag Pavlović’s Study „Poetika žrtvenog obreda“ („The Poetics of Sacrificial Rite“)

Folkloristika 3/1 (2018): 123‒145
Author: Jovana Todorović
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The paper discusses the dialogue between the works of two modernist poets – Vasko Popa and Miodrag Pavlović – dealing with their poetic experience of myth, ritual and sacrificial rite. Bearing in mind that the influence of oral poetry can be traced in a vast number of features present in the poetry of Vasko Popa − the most translated poet of the Serbian post-war Modernism − we will discuss to what extent he used the elements of the genre system of oral literature and of the oral poetry semantics in the proces of creating his poetry. In order to pecieve this goal, we will discuss his volume No-rest Field (Непочин-поље, 1956) through the ideas formulated in the anthropological essays of Pavlović, gathered and published in a book The Poetics of Sacrificial Rite (Поетика жртвеног обреда, 1988).
Keywords: rite, sacrifice, sacral, Vasko Popa, desacralization, tradition, modernity, sincretism, cyclicity, ritual