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Water-Bull in Sources from Lokva: Folkloristic and Dialectological Perspective

Folkloristika 2/2 (2017): 47‒61
Аuthors: Suzana Đorđević Pejović and Bojan Ristić
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In this paper we analyze the field material about the aquatic demon called the water-bull recorded in the village of Lokva in the municipality of Knjaževac in 2016. Our field research was conducted as a part of the project “Guardians of non-material Timok speech heritage.” The corpus is observed from the folkloristic and dialectological perspective. In the first part of the paper, we compare three recorded variants of water-bull tradition, we point out their syuzhet and genre characteristics, and we describe their contextual frame. In the second part we focus on the phonetic, morphological and lexical characteristics of the recorded speech.
Key words: water-bull, tradition, storytelling, Timok speech, field research