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“White Birds Fly, They Carry Raw Milk”: Several Forgotten Charms from Timok (Serbia)

Folkloristika 2/2 (2017): 133‒139
Аuthors: Zoja Karanović i Vesna Đukić
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During the field research in the Timok region in Eastern Serbia in 1997 and 1998, Zoja Karanović and Vesna Djukić recorded about 250 folk songs and several charms. For this contribution, the authors have selected text variants of the charms (basme) against the evil eye (od urok, počudište), against blisters around wound (od podljut), against fright (od stra), and against swelling (od pljusku). The charms have been recorded from four charmers: Ljubica Pujić from Ošljane, Dobrosava Nešić from Korito, Jovana Kostić and Marija Todorović from Novo Korito.
Key words: charms, text variants, charming practice, Timočka Krajina (Serbia), field research