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In this section Folkloristika publishes papers on all forms of folklore and the non-material heritage in the field of folkloristics, ethnology, ethnomusicology, linguistic and social anthropology, social history, cultural studies.



Research and Fieldwork


Rubric is open for fieldwork materials and reports, including audio, video and photo documentation. Folkloristika also publishes other types of relevant materials, such as bibliographies, archival data, etc.



Reviews, Communication, Chronicle

Folkloristika publishes critical rewievs of scientific publications, conferences, audio publications, etc. Publishers who are interested in their publications to be rewieved should submit two copies of the book, a brief description and the author's biography.



Folkloristika [Folkloristics] is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of the Serbian Folklore Association ‒ a large community of academic specialists, professionals, and postgraduate students. In launching Folkloristika, the Serbian Folklore Association calls on a long tradition of Serbian and Yugoslav journals, such as: Tihomir Djordjević’s Karadžić (1899‒1904), Pavle Popović’s Prilozi za književnost, jezik, istoriju i folklor [Contributions to Literature, Language, History, and Folklore] (1921‒1939, 1954‒), Alois Schmaus and Radosav Medenica’s Prilozi Proučavanju Narodne Poezije [Contributions to the Research on Folk Poetry] (1934‒1940), Narodno Stvaralaštvo – Folklor [Folklore] (1962‒1988), Raskovnik (1968‒2000). Folkloristika publishes papers on all forms of folklore and the non-material heritage in Serbia and elsewhere, and encourages various theories, critical and comparative approaches. In addition to maintaining high academic standards, Folkloristika publishes field material and reports, endeavouring to stimulate scholarly discourse and point out connections between contemporary theoretical standpoints while simultaneously contributing to academic communication, the development of education and the preservation of the non-material cultural heritage.

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Folkloristika 5/1 (2020)